The week of March 28th updates

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Jeff Haynie
Jeff Haynie

This past week we spent a lot of time trying to harden some of our code as well as fixing a lot of small issues that have been nagging us. We also spent a good amount of time trying to optimize some of the data processing to make it more efficient and faster.

Issue Summary Filters

Based on numerous comments in the community, we reworked the filter to make it more apparent when something was filtered as well as show the filtered and unfiltered counts to make it easier to see what is being filtered.


Desktop Sync

We improved the performance of initial and ongoing background data synchronization. We moved the API calls for fetching data to the background Web Worker which greatly improves performance. We also added much more smarts around what needs to be synchronized and when.

Desktop Notifications

We added support for native desktop notifications for new Inbox items.

Desktop Windows

You can now open multiple windows in the desktop app.

Multiple Windows!

Desktop Navigation

For the desktop app, we added navigation controls to the top of the window to make it easier to navigate between the different pages.


Desktop Context Menu

We enabled the context menu (right click) for the desktop app so you should not have the normal native context menu features.

Backlog and Board screens

We improved some of the underlying code for Board and Backlog screens to improve performance. Nothing visual changed except that they should now render much faster and use less memory. In addition, we added the Story Points for each column too.


Required Fields Treatment

We improved the treatment of required fields so that it's more clear when you need to provide a value (vs optional).

Required Fields!

Fix Versions and other fields

We added support for Fix Versions, components and a few other fields to the sidebar. We are adding support for your custom fields this week and should have it deployed in the next day or so.

Fix Versions!

Small screen fixes

We made a lot of small fixes to the smaller screen layouts to make them more responsive.



What's Next?

The upcoming changes we're working on this week are:

  • Finishing the new Planning view which combines Issues and Backlog and provides Sprint management - this screen is now code complete and we are just wrapping up testing and some other high priority issues before we merge.
  • Adding support for custom fields to the sidebar
  • Support for inviting your friends and colleagues to join Japetus (auto approved)
  • More automated integration tests using Playwright

If you'd like to try it out, please join our waiting list. Also, we'd love for you to join our new Discord community and tell us what you'd like to see in Japetus.

Thank you to all our early adopters patience and feedback!