The week of March 21st updates

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Jeff Haynie
Jeff Haynie

This week was another great week with a ton of improvements, fixes and new capabilities. We also onboarded a few new users and we thank you for your feedback and invites to your colleagues.

Side Bar Customization

You can now enable/disable and reorder which issue fields show up on the Side Bar for the New Issue screen.

New Issue Sidebar!

Components on the Side Bar

Components are now visible in the Side Bar and you can enable/disable them like any other field.

Components Sidebar!

Better Child List of Issues

We re-worked the list of child issues for an Issue to be more consistent with the rest of the app.

Epic Children!

Video Support for Descriptions

You can now upload videos to the description of an Issue as well as we're render ones directly added via Jira.


Small note: Jira doesn't give us an easy way to upload an inline attachment in the description from Japetus. From a Jira, you'll see the video attachment and inline where the video is in the document, you'll see the link to the video.

Sticky Avatar on Board

We now will persist the avatar(s) of the user on the board that is selected. We also re-ordered the avatar so that the logged in user is always first, the unassigned user is always last and everyone between in alphabetical.

Board Avatar!

Nav Bar Collapse and Resize

You can now resize the left Nav Bar as well as collapse it completely. And as usual, we'll remember your preferences for each device.


Storypoints on Issue Lists

Great suggestion from one of our community members in Discord ... we've added storypoints to the Issue List rows to make it easier to see how much work is needed to complete an issue without having to go into the detail screen.


Desktop High CPU Fix

We resolved a bug where the desktop app was using up a lot of CPU time for Mac on Intel CPU for some users.

Mac on Intel!

What's Next?

The upcoming changes we're working on this week are:

  • Finishing the new Planning view which combines Issues and Backlog and provides Sprint management - we made good progress this week with foundation changes but still have some UI work to do.
  • This next week is feature freeze and bug bashing and some tidy up work

If you'd like to try it out, please join our waiting list. Also, we'd love for you to join our new Discord community and tell us what you'd like to see in Japetus.

Thank you to all our early adopters patience and feedback!