The week of March 14th updates

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Jeff Haynie
Jeff Haynie

This week I traveled to see some old friends in the Bay Area, California and to have a few meetings. But between plane travel and my hotel stay, I was able to get a few things knocked out this week with a little bit of help. Here are some of the major changes:

Ability to customize issue fields

You can now enable/disable which issue fields show up on the sidebar as well as drag and drop to re-order the order of the fields that are displayed.

Issue Fields Customization!

Sync Improvements

For larger installations with a lot of data, the UI would choke while trying to sync. We've totally re-hauled the sync engine for the app. Now, we use a webworker to handle all sync tasks. We also will show a quick dialog when you first login to a new device (browser, phone, desktop) while we perform the initial sync to let you know what's going on. Usually, even large sites fully sync within less than 1 minute (most are faster in our testing).

Board UX improvements

We made a number of changes to improve the UX of the board. You now have better scroll indicators, horizontal scrolling when the board exceeds the width, minimum card widths and a better overlay for the summary filters view.

Board UX!

Issue card UX improvements

We made some UX improvemens to the hover card for issues. You can also now see the status on a hover card which is helpful when looking at a blocking issue on the sidebar (h/t Keegan).

Issue Card UX!

Issue Planning

I made some good progress on the new Issue Planning screen, which will replace the 2 views for Backlog and Issue for a project. This screen will also allow you to manage your project's sprints (if using Scrum) - you can create sprints, move issues between sprints and complete sprints. I'm hoping to roll this new screen out mid-week after working through some complex drag and drop issues. Here's a quick example of what it looks like for one of my test projects:

Issue Planning!

General Bug Fixes

  • Improved some of the background authentication token refresh issues
  • Fixed issue where empty description on new issue caused an error
  • Fixed issue where the search results were empty
  • Fixed issue where some non-urls in summary were identified as links
  • Fixed missing some text styling (like colored fields) in summary
  • Fixed issue where some changelog entries were missing (h/t Jared)
  • Fixed issue when copy paste image while editing a summary would trigger an notice about editing by another user

What's Next?

The upcoming changes we're working on this week are:

  • Finishing the new Planning view which combines Issues and Backlog and provides Sprint management
  • Onboard more people from the waitlist and try and slay more user onboarding and app bugs
  • Finishing our internal prototype for "My Notes" concept (we had to punt from last week)

If you'd like to try it out, please join our waiting list. Also, we'd love for you to join our new Discord community and tell us what you'd like to see in Japetus.

Thank you to all our early adopters patience and feedback!