The week of April 4th updates

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Jeff Haynie
Jeff Haynie

This past week we spent a lot of time trying to improve some of the UX of the application, tackle a few bugs and work on stuff that you've asked for. Keep it coming! Here's a few of the highlights for the week:

Sidebar Resizable

We've made the sidebar resizable. This means that you can now drag the sidebar to the right or left to make it smaller or bigger depending on your needs.

Sidebar Resize!

Board Auto Refresh

Jira OAuth webhooks only provide updates to issues. For a lot of data, we can infer when things changed because Jira issues have a ton of embedded context. Unfortuantely, board data isn't related available. We've tried to add some smarts around when we should refresh the board data to make sure we don't miss any updates. But, unfortunately, this hasn't always been 100% reliable. We've now made two changes to hopefully improve this: (1) we will automatically refresh (behind the scenes) the board data with Jira when you first load the board. (2) we also provide a button to give you control to manually refresh the data in cases where you need to explicit refresh.

Board Refresh!

Signin Code Copy

Thanks to Stephen Ramsay for this suggested improvement. We made the Sign In code generation dialog a bit more obvious that you could copy the code to your clipboard and also present a small notification toast when it is copied:

Signin Copy!

Sidebar Configuration

As we've now rolled out support for custom fields in the sidebar (and in the content area), we've made a couple of changes to make it more clear from a UX standpoint: (1) we now show you a hint when you first load the page that the sidebar can be configured and (2) by default, we now enable all fields.

Sidebar Pin!

Support Inbox

If you open a Japetus feature request or bug report, we will now automatically track updates to that issue and show you them in your Inbox. Japetus issues will have a small "Japetus Support" badge to let you know this is a Japetus issue vs your own.

Inbox Support!

Invite your friends

You can now invite your friends and colleagues to join Japetus directly in the app. Currently, we've given everyone 5 unique invite codes. However, once your invitee joins, you'll automatically get a new unique invite code back. Let us know if you need more than 5!

Invite Codes!

Desktop TLS with Corporate VPN

We encountered an issue with a user where their corporate VPN/Proxy was overriding our TLS certificate to provide their own using their own Certificate Authority as the issuer. Our code validated that the TLS certificate we issued was from our CA, issued by a root Certificate Authority. This is important so that code and software updates that we issue are trusted and not intercepted or modified by a third-party. We will now show a warning to users when we detect that this has occurred and give the user the opportunity to Trust or Not Trust this certificate.

What's Next?

The upcoming changes we're working on this week are:

  • Finishing the new Planning view which combines Issues and Backlog and provides Sprint management. We have had to table this a few times in the past 2 weeks for more higher priority issues but hopefully this will complete this week. 😔
  • Making more changes from community requests

If you'd like to try it out, please join our waiting list. Also, we'd love for you to join our new Discord community and tell us what you'd like to see in Japetus.

Thank you to all our early adopters patience and feedback!